Ship management

Agency company “Mortehflot” carries out ship management – professional provision of the vessel with all services. An important component of ship management is the technical management of ships in operation, as well as the repair and maintenance of the latter in transit and other ports with the help of mobile crews. Our main task is to ensure the proper technical condition of the vessel, in order to ensure its safe and trouble–free operation in accordance with international conventions, rules and codes.

Company “Mortehflot” monitors the technical condition of the vessel in order to keep its equipment, hull, engines, propeller-steering complex and other mechanisms in good condition.

Technical management of ships entering the ports of Crimea, Sevastopol and the Russian Federation, performed by the company “Mortehflot”, assumes the following:

    • Organization of ship repair work in the dock, preparation of repair reports;
    • Provision of superintendent’s services to monitor the performance of ship repairs;
    • Organization of ship repair crews;
    • Organization of the passage of the classification survey and re-examination of the vessel;
    • Organization of inspection of the vessel and its mechanisms;
    • Conclusion of contracts with insurance companies;
    • Organization of diving operations for carrying out repairs in the underwater part of the ship, as well as cleaning the bottom from shells and algae, underwater video filming of the vessel’s hull;
    • Provision of technical supplies of the vessel (equipment, mechanisms, overalls, spare parts, consumables, etc.) anywhere in the world.