Sea cargo transportation

Sea cargo transportation in international practice over a long period of time has proved to be the most massive and economically profitable, and sea transport plays a major role in the implementation of domestic and intercontinental trade turnover. Sometimes shipping by sea is the only possible option for transporting goods from one port to another.

The company “Mortehflot” provides a full range of services for the organization of sea cargo transportation. Also, it carries out transportation of various types of cargo, such as: general, bulk, food, industrial, oversized, etc.

The main functions in the organization of sea cargo transportation by the company “Mortehflot” are as follows:

    • Determination of cargo properties: peculiarities of the transported goods, terms and place of delivery;
    • Freight of the relevant vessel suitable for the individual features of the cargo to be transported;
    • Registration of permits for ship calls in the required ports;
    • Organization of loading and unloading operations;
    • Rental of additional equipment and transport, if such a need arises during the transportation of cargo;
    • Development of a fastening project, if this is required by the characteristics of the cargo being transported;
    • Performing agency escort of a chartered vessel in ports.