Ships supply

Sevastopol company “Mortehflot” provides services for the supply of ships with food and the organization of their supply in Sevastopol and other ports, offers comprehensive material and technical supply of ships (shipchandler services), namely deck, ship-mechanical, food and economic in the port of Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Yalta, etc.

  We offer the following ship supply:

    • Food supply of vessels: chicken, meat and fish products, sausage products, groceries, bakery and confectionery products, vegetables, fruits;
    • Ship water supply;
    • Supply of household goods: soap, washing powders, dishwashing detergents, mops, sponges, etc.;
    • Complete set of medical first aid kit;
    • Deck supplies: solvents, paints, brushes, scrapers, cables, fastening means, ropes;
    • Services for the organization of inspections of radio navigation and rescue equipment, if necessary, we provide assistance in their acquisition and delivery to the ship;
    • Skipper’s equipment, control and measuring devices;
    • Marine literature;
    • Personal protective equipment, workwear for sailors and much more;
    • Ship mechanical supply: delivery of spare parts for ship mechanisms and machines, rags, etc., organization of maintenance and re-examination of various ship equipment;
    • Fire-fighting supply of vessels.