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Ship and yacht agency service in the port of Sevastopol by Mortehflot

Ship and yacht agency service agency in the port is a set of activities performed by maritime agents for the entry, exit, and stay of a vessel in any port in the world.

For more than 15 years, Mortehflot has been providing high-quality and professional ship agency services to ships in the port of Sevastopol, the ports of Crimea and the Russian Federation.

The main functions performed by our agency company are as follows:

  • organization of integrated supply and maintenance of the ship;
  • ordering and delivery of products to sea vessels in Sevastopol and other ports of the Crimea and the Russian Federation;
  • fulfillment of customs and border formalities;
  • organization of pilotage of ships;
  • carrying out loading and unloading operations and calculations for them;

  • organization of repair work;
  • garbage disposal, removal of bilge and ballast water;

  • performance of other tasks on behalf and at the expense of the shipowner in a certain port or in a certain territory.