Ship management

Ship management in Sevastopol and the Crimea ports

The Agency company “Mortehflot” carries out ship management – professional providing the vessel with all services. An important component of ship management is technical management of vessels in operation and also repair and technical maintenance of the last in way and other ports by means of mobile crews. Our main objective – to provide appropriate technical condition of the vessel, for the purpose of its safe and fault-free operation according to the international conventions, rules and codes.

The Mortehflot company carries out monitoring of technical condition of the vessel for the purpose of the maintenance of its equipment, the case, engines, a vinto-steering complex and other mechanisms in good repair.

Technical management of vessels in Sevastopol and Crimea

Technical management of vessels, the coming ships to the ports of the Crimea, Sevastopol and the Russian Federation, performed by the Mortekhflot company, assumes the following:

  • the organization of ship-repair works in dock, drawing up repair sheets;
  •  provision of services of the superintendant for control of execution of repair of the vessel; — organization of ship-repair crews;
  • organization of passing of classification survey and re-examination of the vessel;
  • organization of inspection inspection of the vessel and its mechanisms;
  • signing of the contracts with insurance companies;
  • the organization of diving works for implementation of repair work in an underwater part of the ship and also cleaning of a bottom from shells and seaweed;
  • providing technical supply of the vessel (equipment, mechanisms, overalls, spare parts, expendables, etc.) worldwide.