Ship broker

Ship broker in Sevastopol

The agency company “Mortehflot” provides services of the ship broker in the  Sevastopol city and also in the ports of the Crimea and the Russian Federation. If you have a task to find the vessel for transportation of your load by sea across the Black, Mediterranean or Marble seas or you act as the shipowner and are interested in continuous transportation cargoes by own fleet – our agency company will provide the qualified ship broker.

Services of the ship broker

Activity of the ship broker of our company comes down to providing such services:

  • chartering of vessels the river sea, the sea, according to their characteristics (type, features, functionality);
  • assistance upon purchase or sale of vessels. We assist in check in of vessels under foreign flags, such as Palau, the Toga, Syria, Bolivia, Tanzania, etc. and also – under the Russian flag;
  • help in signing of the contracts of chartering of the vessel: time-charter and bare-boat charter;
  • the help in the organization of cutting of the ships and other watercrafts on scrap metal;
  • we assist in check in of vessels of the big tonnage, walking boats and yachts.

As practice, the sea broker, as well as the ship agent shows, is an intermediary – from this point of view between them there are no distinctions. But the essential difference consists that the ship agent represents only the principal while the sea broker represents both parties and works from their name.