Container shipping in Crimea

Container shipping are used practically for any freight. Whether you bring sand, oil or the tank for everything there will be a container suitable by the sizes.

All types of reservoirs only the ship – exactly there is capable to take away enough area for placement of oversized and heavy goods, and also it is a lot of place for the freight requiring special storage. A sea cargo transportation is universal and inexpensive.

“Mortehflot” company weekly organizes container shipping to the Crimea. Own vessel “Moryak” is oriented to large volumes, its capacity – 2500 tons. The ship plies across the Black Sea between the ports of Turkey and the Crimea, the request, including on the website, are accepted daily. By the individual order booking of all area of the vessel or its part is possible.

Services of “Mortehflot” company on a container cargo shipping:

  • Examination and weighing of freight;
  • Packaging;
  • Representation of interests of the client in case of a customs clearance;
  • Handling works in starting points and arrivals;
  • Delivery;
  • Shipment tracing, provision is fresher than information on its location;
  • Development of an optimum route with attraction of other transport modes (automobile, air, railway);
  • Documentary maintenance at all stages;
  • Consultation on types of cargo, placement, types of containers and other questions.

The main objective of the company to ensure safety of goods, and also quickly transfer from one transport (for example, trains) to the ship or the truck, without touching freight inside. Almost all reservoirs which are used in freight container transports modular that is are suitable for all transport modes.

For the safety purpose, the company “Mortehflot” seals up containers, and freight insures therefore it is possible to transport even valuable things.

Container cargo shipping gives a cross docking opportunity – transportations of goods without use of intermediate storages (and storage expenses). Two cars meet in in advance stipulated place, the container is just thrown from one truck in another and continues the way.