Vessel and yacht agency service

Vessel and yacht agency service in Sevastopol and Crimea

Vessel agency service consists representation of interests of the shipowner and rendering assistance in questions of sea navigation in a certain port or the region to it.

Vessels arrival to the port is connected with execution of different operations, such as handling, repair, questions of replenishment of stocks of provisions, etc. Therefore, the assistant who will render the centralized service of the vessel is necessary for ship administration for a solution of above-mentioned and other tasks in port. These and other functions are performed by the ship agent.

Ship agent

A person who represents the owner of the sea vessel, acting in its interests and from his name is the ship agent. The ship agent operates with all information on arrivel and departure of the vessel, acts from a name and at the expense of the shipowner according to the powers.

Ship agent of the Mortehflot company renders the whole complex of services:

    •  regular informing master of the vessel and shipowner on conducting handling operations;
    •  providing upon the demand of information to the shipowner about the existing rules and their changes in port, customs services;
    • assistance to the captain for establishing contacts with port and local authorities;
    • representation of interests of the shipowner in state institutions and private structures;
    • preparation of the required documentation for registration of cargo (code conformity, sanitary control, phytosanitary certificate, etc.);
    • implementation of collecting on chartering of the vessel;
    • implementation of other obligations of the ship agent;
    • maintenance of cargoes along the line;
    • control on implementation of safety measures during performance of handling operations;
    • execution of documentation on the received and sent items;
    • obtaining application from master or instructions from shipowner;
    • placing orders at the ship chandler;
    • control of the course of deliveries;
    • financial calculations.