Shipping of cargoes

Shipping of freights: international and cabotage

The process of selling goods, its advance from the seller to the buyer, means interaction of certain legal entities and individuals. First of all, it is the seller and the buyer whose legal relationship are fixed by the contract of purchase and sale of goods.

The organization of delivery of goods acts as one of points of transportation terms of such contract, that is one of the parties has to undertake obligations of the consignor. This function means to find suitable carrier in the economic way and to sign with it the contract of transportation. Today shipping of freights are the cheapest type of transportation.

The main directions on implementation of shipping of freights:


Transportation of goods by the marine transport across Russia



Shipping of freights from Turkey



Shipping of freights from China


Transportation of goods by the marine transport

Transportation of goods by the marine transport assumes execution of a number of operations of organizational, technical and commercial character which are carried out in each port by forwarding agents and the agency companies.

Our agency company provides a complex of transportation services of loads by the marine transport:

  • selection of the necessary vessel for implementation of transportation of a load by containers, a bulk way, big-races, etc.;
  • a design of a run/exit of the vessel to the port;
  • execution of transport and customs documentation;
  • storage of loads in port and their agency tinning;
  • conducting handling works;
  • ship supply (food, technical supply);
  • services of the ship broker;
  • forwarding of loads;
  • chartering of vessels on any terms deliveries (CIF, FOB, CIP)