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    Vessel parking on raid
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    Vessel at the mooring
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    Vessel loading on raid
  • морские перевозки агентирующая компания мортехфлот

Agency service of sea vessels in the ports of Sevastopol and Crimea

Shipping agency is primery activity of agency company “Mortehflot” , Sevastopol city, which was created as the separate company in November, 2007 in Sevastopol city, specializing on agency service of vessels entering into the port Sevastopol.

 Now our company has experience of service of vessels which work with different types of freight:

  • bulk-oil,
  • bulk,
  • grain.

The main distinction Mortehflot from other similar companies in the port Sevastopol is perfect quality service and reliability. People working in our agency company, is considered as very experienced staff.

The company provides the round-the-clock service and the fast information processing requested by clients. Such service allows the shipowners, to charterers and other parties to resolve urgent questions.

Mortehflot’s Employees are well informed about this market and the nearest ports, and also maintain business relationships with port authorities who provide us with access to all information about the port, which guarantees fast and reliable results.  

We are ready to arrange the best agency service to minimize port dues and other expenses, we guarantee you daily providing pre-arrival information.

Also we can offer you the following services:

Service of the applicant at competitive prices, additional information we will send on demand.

We are glad to you offer agency service!